Hey there! As we welcome the New Year, Beyond India sends you warm wishes for a happy and flavorful year ahead! Let’s start this exciting journey with the delicious taste of authentic Indian food at Beyond India.

New Year, New Tastes:

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the New Year with a feast at Beyond India. Our chefs have prepared a special menu filled with yummy dishes, from biryanis to tasty curries. Each bite is like a trip to India, setting the stage for a year filled with lots of yummy adventures.

Special Drinks:

Let’s raise our glasses to the New Year! Beyond India has awesome drinks, like fruity mocktails and special cocktails. Whether you like something refreshing or something with a spicy twist, our drinks will add some fun to your celebration.

Make Memories:

Beyond India is more than just a place to eat; it’s a spot to make awesome memories. Come with your friends and family to welcome the New Year in our cozy place. Our friendly staff is here to make sure your celebration is as awesome as the food on your table.

A Journey into 2024:

Let’s start the New Year with a food journey at Beyond India. Our chefs know all about making delicious Indian food. From spicy dishes in the North to tasty ones in the South, you’ll get to taste a bit of everything!

Try Something New:

As you think about what you want to do in the New Year, why not try some new foods? Beyond India is here to help you explore new flavors. Our menu has tasty surprises waiting for you. So, let your taste buds guide you to a year filled with yummy discoveries.


As we step into the New Year, Beyond India hopes your days are filled with happiness, good times, and tasty Indian food. From our kitchen to your table, here’s to a Happy New Year full of yummy treats and moments that go Beyond India’s delicious dishes. Cheers!

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