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Street Fair Family Event

Beyond India Catering has an outstanding reputation.


Caterings at Adelaide Oval

Scenes at Adele took over the stage and the hearts in Adelaide.


Garden of Unearthly delights

For friends who love to feast, discover, indulge and unwind .


Adelaide Showground

Indulge your sense with delicious eats.There is something for everyone at the showground,

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Filling every occasion with great food and service.

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Food truck

Explore the New Food Wheeler.

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Enjoy every moment

Feed the Need

Beyond India has been established since July 1999. Our premises at 170 O’Connell Street bring together contemporary setting blended with traditional India.

Outstanding, authentic, creative Indian Cuisine. Each dish asserts its unique flavour without excessive use of oils while retaining the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Our Indian chefs, from all areas of the vast sub-continent, practice a myriad of specialist regional cuisine. Whether it’s the robust tandoori flavours from the north or the spicy exotic of the south, Beyond India awaits you.

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