G’day, mates! We’re stoked to share our ripper time at the Indian Mela, where Beyond India served up a fair dinkum feast that had folks coming back for seconds. Imagine a fair dinkum carnival vibe, with the air filled with the aroma of sizzling spices and the buzz of happy chatter.

At Beyond India, we’re all about bringing the best of Indian tucker to your plate. From our humble beginnings back in ’99 to our spot on O’Connell Street, we’ve been dishing out top-notch, fair dinkum dishes that celebrate the diverse flavours of India.

Now, let’s chat about the real deal: the tucker! From the moment the gates opened, our crew was flat out serving up a fair dinkum spread of Indian street tucker and curries. Picture mouth-watering samosas jam-packed with flavour, crunchy pakoras that pack a punch, and fragrant biryanis that’ll have you thinking you’re in Mumbai.

But it wasn’t just about the tucker – it was about the whole shebang. We were chuffed to see the smiles on our customers’ dials as they dug into each bite, and hearing their enthusiastic feedback warmed our hearts. Whether they were tucking into a piping hot curry with rice or tearing into a fluffy naan, our guests were fair dinkum loving every minute of it.

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without our bonza team of Indian chefs. Hailing from different corners of the sub-continent, each chef brought their own unique flair to the table. From the hearty tandoori flavours of the north to the fiery spices of the south, our chefs showcased the true-blue diversity of Indian tucker with every dish they dished out.

As the sun set on another bonzer day at the Indian Mela, we couldn’t help but feel stoked for the chance to share our love of Indian tucker with everyone. Whether you’re a fair dinkum fan of Beyond India or a newbie keen to get a taste of Indian cuisine, we reckon you should join us on this culinary journey.

So here’s to good tucker, good mates, and good times – and here’s to many more adventures to come. Until next time, keep on chowing down!

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